Orthopedics and Traumatology

In addition to orthopedic diseases, which are frequently encountered in the department, treatment services are provided for fractures and dislocations especially in our country and structural disorders caused by their late results.

Apart from the intensely encountered trauma cases, Arthroscopic knee, shoulder and ankle surgery, Sports injuries, Hip and knee joint prostheses, Deformity and shortness, Spinal diseases, Shoulder diseases, Foot diseases, Musculoskeletal tumors, Congenital anomalies, Nerve muscle and bone diseases are treated.

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Using a cane against calcification prevents further damage to the joint. Physical therapy helps reduce pain and muscle spasms and maintain range of motion. Regular exercise is very important in the treatment of osteoarthritis. If oral medications and physical therapy are not beneficial enough, a string needle (local anesthetic) can be used to relieve pain.

If you can, walk a short distance every day. Wear comfortable shoes that support your foot properly while walking. If you cannot walk, exercise while sitting or in the water. Warm water will support your body weight while exercising and make your joint movements easier. Protect your joints by doing warm-up exercises before intense activities. Using knee pads, you can protect your knee joints during kneeling.