Laboratory data is one of the cornerstones of medical developments as well as the importance it carries for the success of treatment. Private Giresun Ada Hospital has created a structure based on international standards by applying its meticulousness and care to other units in the laboratory unit. High technology, richness in service, speed and reliability are the main targets of Private Giresun Ada Hospital.

Quality laboratory results are essential for successful and good healthcare. Patient safety, which is considered an indispensable condition in today's medical practices, is closely related to the accuracy and reliability of laboratory results.

  • Biochemistry
  • Hormone
  • Hematology
  • Immunology
  • Allergy
  • Microbiology

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Ada Hospital

Ada Hospital Laboratory is structured to provide standard, fast and reliable service.

Ada Hospital, as in the branches of clinical specialization it serves, is based on quality in the field of laboratory (biochemistry, hormone, immunology, allergy, hematology, microbiology), to put it into practice as soon as possible in clinical applications, to follow the scientific developments and put them into practice as soon as possible. It is aimed in principle.

As Ada Hospital, we try to continue our quality practices in our laboratory and keep our standards at the highest level with the international quality control programs that we are a member of.

Our laboratory provides 24-hour / 7-day non-stop service.

Specialist physicians, experienced biologists and technicians and nurses work in our laboratory.

The tests are conducted with internationally accepted devices and kits under the control of quality control centers ((Bio-Rad), in accordance with the standards.

Check-ups (periodical check-ups) are performed according to age, gender, risk factor and doctor's recommendations.