Anesthesia & Reanimation

Consultation services are also provided for evaluation of the patient's medical history and postoperative pain management applications before anesthesia.

In addition to high-risk surgeries such as Cardiac Surgery, applications requiring special attention and specialization in the field such as cesarean and epidural anesthesia and delivery are among the services successfully applied by our hospital specialists. Consultation services are also provided for post-operative pain treatment applications.

Pain Clinic

Although the feeling of pain is considered beneficial as a precursor of diseases in the body in some cases, it is an emotion that we often want to get rid of, which negatively affects our daily life and even makes it an affliction.

Pain, affecting people suffering physically, emotionally and psychologically also causes emotional and social problems for their relatives.

Pain is not a simple warning. On the contrary, it is a mixed state of perception, including experiences that have been experienced before. It includes very deep emotional (eg emotional) and comprehension (cognitive) features, as well as emotional messages such as location, type, and intensity of stimulation.

It is an unpleasant feeling that makes the person uncomfortable and irritable when it starts to feel.

There are no pain fibers inside the nerves, and no pain in the brain. Therefore, pain perception experience is the final version of a mixed mechanism. The perception of a particular warning as pain does not only depend on the nature of the warning. Experiences in the past, accumulation in memory and current emotional state also affect perception.

It is essential to analyze this mixed structure well, to reveal the right approach in terms of pain treatment and success in treatment. In Giresun Ada Hospital Ağrı Polyclinic, necessary treatment services are provided under the following titles, including medical or invasive methods, under this discipline.

  • Chronic Non-Painful Pain
  • Spontaneous Pain
  • Cancer Pain
  • Muscle-Bone Pain (Musculoskeletal Pain)
  • Peripheral and Central Pain
  • Complex Regional Pain Syndromes
  • Migraine and Other Headaches
  • Post-operative Pain (Persistent Postoperative Pain)
  • Low Back Pain

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