The emergency room, which is supported by all branches of the hospital in the daytime, and anesthesia, cardiology, cardiovascular surgery, pediatric diseases, where necessary in the hospital at night, are supported by specialist branch specialists in all branches.

When necessary, our physicians from other specialties reach our emergency department in the emergency department, which serves with a multidisciplinary approach. The first treatment and observations of the patients are performed in the emergency room equipped with modern medical devices, in the observation rooms. In addition, first interventions and examinations in intervention rooms and other technically equipped rooms can be done without delay.

In all our hospitals, with the support of radiologists for 24 hours, all laboratory examinations can be performed with imaging possibilities such as magnetic resonance, computed tomography, ultrasonography.


Call center:

You can call our call center to get more detailed information about our emergency service or you can contact us from the link on the side.